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We first saw Kiev playing at Fremont Street on Valentine's week 2016 in Las Vegas Nevada. We heard him playing a song by Cold Play on the violin and it sounded beautiful. We were amazed with how much passion he played his violin and it caught our attention straight away. This year in August we got married and for the song choice to walk down the aisle I thought of Kiev. I got in contact with him to see if he could be able to play a song for me, which was a Thousand Years by Christina Perry. As I live in Gibraltar, which is on the other side of the world, it was too expensive and I could not afford to pay to have him present at my wedding day. So he went out of his way to record a CD for us. He added a few extra songs, which we were very grateful. They also made sure it was here on time for my wedding. By the way, Kiev did not charge me for his work. I would strongly recommend Kiev for any functions, as he is very dedicated to his music and the passion he has for it, which makes it that extra special.

Mr. & Mrs. Guy

From the Rock of Gibraltar

My family and I first saw Kiev performing on the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica. We were blown away by his talent. It was perfect timing as I was beginning to prepare for my upcoming wedding. I knew that I had to have Kiev there to perform. Kiev and his parents are so incredibly sweet and professional. Being the busy bride that I was, they often chased ME down for answers - I wish some of my other vendors would have been as prompt, thorough, and incredible as they were. Kiev knows how to play SO many songs - he sent me a list of songs and I chose a few that I wanted him to play. I also requested a song that he didn't know at the time, but assured me that he would learn it before the wedding. He not only learned it, but it sounded as if he had known how to play the song for years! I couldn't recommend Kiev more - my guests were absolutely blown away by his talent, and his classy performance made my wedding feel as elegant as I always imagined. He was one of the highlights of my day, and I will continue to recommend him to everyone I know.

Stephanie Giraldez



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